Top-notch training from European summits

Made in Europe and developed with the help of experienced skiers, Pro Ski simulators offer a variety of exercises to choose from and are suitable for beginners and elite athletes alike. They’re easy to use at home without an instructor: you can create your own training program, at your own pace, 12 months a year!

A must for skiers

The innovation that Canadian skiers have been waiting for, Pro Ski is designed to provide a complete cardio and strength workout. By adding it to your daily and weekly training routine, you’ll develop the flexibility, strength, coordination and techniques essential to becoming a better skier and athlete. No need to hit the slopes to learn to ski better! Pro Ski uses the same muscle groups and helps develop the same skills you’ll need on the slopes.

The innovation benefiting all sports

Pro Ski’s technology allows you to work all your muscles at the same time. Although originally developed for skiing, these simulators have shown they can improve performance whatever the sport, thanks to 6 different configurations and targeted modules for training with running shoes, ski boots or a snowboard.

Putting innovation to work for you

1 – Frame

The basic elliptical frame includes a handrail, a rail system and ski pole attachments on some models. Holding the frame during training helps beginners to keep their balance. More advanced athletes can train with their hands free or even with weighted poles to increase upper limb effort. A bottle and towel holder as well as a phone holder can be added for longer training sessions.

2 – Mobile cart

The mobile cart slides from left to right like a real ski slope. It includes 2 footrests that can be moved apart or together manually, depending on the user’s height. Ski boot and snowboard modules are also available with the PREMIUM and POWER XL simulators. The angled frame and rotating cart of the PROFESSIONAL model mimic a cut ski turn with carving and G-force for a totally realistic workout.

3 – Elastic bands

Up to 8 elastic bands can be attached to the underside of the mobile cart, depending on the simulator model, the height of the user and the desired resistance. Easy to install, they can be configured or even removed according to the sought-after training difficulty.

Top performance for all ages is here!

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