Take your performance to new heights!

Discover the Pro Ski simulators and explore a new dimension in TOTAL exercise. Cardio, muscle tone, flexibility, endurance, balance: Pro Ski works all muscle groups and the core at once, increases leg power and improves synergy between the torso, shoulders and neck for a head-to-toe workout. Develop your motor skills and apply skiing techniques more easily and instinctively once on the snow.

Really, it's all about balance

In skiing, as in all sports, balance is the key to success and performance. Pro Ski simulators help you learn proper movement techniques while training your coordination and endurance. From your home simulator to the ski slopes, you will be able to position your body correctly and maintain your balance with ease. By internalizing the rhythm of your movement (i.e. your “muscle memory”), skiing will become a true pleasure!

Year-round training, lifelong performance.

Pro Ski simulators optimize training 12 months a year and at all levels, to:

  • synchronize movements and muscles

  • correct body position during rotations and turns

  • develop your motor and functional skills

  • increase your aerobic AND anaerobic capacity

  • maximize coordination, speed and agility

  • reduce the risk of injury and speed up rehabilitation (e.g. joint injuries such as knees, hips and back)

For youngsters who want to SKI UP!

Did you know that our Classic JUNIOR simulator is specially designed for kids 13 and under? Budding skiers and athletes up to 1.45 m/4’9″ tall can progress at lightning speed. These simulators are the perfect choice for home use as well as sports centres and other youth fitness facilities.

Unlike traditional fitness equipment, Pro Ski’s technology works every muscle in the body at once. And while the simulators were originally developed for skiing, they promise to improve performance in all sports thanks to 6 different configurations and targeted modules for training in running shoes, ski boots or snowboarding.

Performance for all ages!

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