An active lifestyle
is the key to good health!

The ultimate in total body training, Pro Ski simulators are designed for people of all ages and abilities, with a variety of exercises targeting cardio, muscle tone, endurance, flexibility, balance and more!

Here's to your cardio health

Exercise is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle and a good fitness regime promotes the optimal functioning of every part of your body. Pro Ski simulators stimulate cardio in an effective way. Depending on the intensity level and energy output, a single session can easily burn 800 to 1000 calories.

The PRO in posture

The revolutionary Pro Ski is not just for learning to ski. It works every muscle in the body to increase your overall fitness and performance, whatever your favourite sport. By strengthening key muscles and ligaments in the abdomen and back, Pro Ski can also help to correct posture that is often compromised by hours spent sitting in front of a computer or TV.

The Sports & Health choice

Unlike traditional fitness equipment, Pro Ski’s technology works all the muscles of the body at once. And while the simulators were originally developed for skiing, they promise to improve performance in all sports thanks to 6 different configurations and targeted modules for training in running shoes, ski boots or snowboard.

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