Pro Ski simulators now in Canada

Taking sports training to the top, Pro Ski simulators were created in Europe, in 1999, and exported successfully to 28 countries around the world, from Spain to the United States. Developed and optimized with the help of experienced skiers, these simulators have revolutionized indoor training for high-level athletes, including the French EUROPA CUP team. Since 2022, they are finally available to Quebec and Canadian athletes of all ages.

The choice of beginners and pros

After proving itself to professional athletes, Pro Ski has won over skiers and Stop & Go sports enthusiasts of all levels who are looking for optimal training solutions, both at home and at the gym. With its choice of simulators and accessories, Pro Ski helps improve performance whatever the sport:

  • Downhill and cross-country skiing
  • Hockey
  • Skating
  • Footbal
  • Basketbal
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Fitness
  • and more!

Recommended by health professionals

Pro Ski simulators are also the choice of health professionals like physiotherapists and kinesiologists looking for low-impact exercises. This revolutionary system helps to reduce the risk of injury and speeds up rehabilitation following sports and other accidents. Pro Ski is so versatile and accessible that it’s even used to help develop psychomotor skills in children.

Discover ultimate training with your choice of Pro Ski simulators

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