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  • Professional cardio and strength training
  • For advanced skiers and athletes
  • Elongated design to simulate Slalom and Giant slalom turns
  • Perfect for developing power and speed


Often purchased together

Specialized module for ski boots

With Marker Fastrack III bindings

Specialized module for snowboard

Weighted training sticks, 0.5 kg

  • 2 weighted training sticks to train upper limbs simultaneously
  • 25 cm/0.5 kg (10 in/1.1 lbs per stick)
  • Promote full-body strength
  • Easy grip
  • Strong and durable material


Weighted training sticks, 1 kg

  • 2 weighted training sticks to train upper limbs simultaneously
  • 50 cm/1 kg (20 in/2.2 lbs per stick)
  • Promote full-body strength
  • Easy grip
  • Strong and durable material


Bottle and towel holder

  • Suitable for all simulators
  • Ingenious holder to keep bottles and towels close at hand
  • Easy to install

Take your skiing technique and multisport performance to the next level!

The POWER XL simulator is the most professional training device in its class and is designed for advanced to elite skiers. It imitates carving turns as well as Slalom and Giant slalom turning techniques. Equipped with a mobile cart with Marker Fastrak III bindings, it’s designed exclusively for training with ski boots. Its compact design is tailormade for home or company gyms with limited space. Ideal for quickly increasing power and developing an instinctive rhythm once you hit the slopes.

With 8 easy-to-adjust resistance and intensity levels, POWER XL is perfect for:

  • Working on the cardio and power required of a top athlete
  • Simulating Slalom and Giant Slalom turning techniques
  • Targeting the muscles involved in sliding and Stop & Go sports
  • Develop optimal posture, agility and balance
  • High intensity interval training, or HIIT
  • Leg and core exercises: buttocks, abs, hips
  • Full-body programs with weighted ski poles (not included)



Specialized module for ski boots (not included)

This add-on module fits on the mobile cart and is suitable for all sizes of ski boots. It has easy-to-install and easy-to-use MARKER Fastrak III bindings, a big plus for rental boots. It offers optimal feel in all parts of a ski turn with innovative longitudinal movement. Its high quality construction includes slip protection. The ideal choice for targeting even more the muscle memory needed on the slopes.

Specialized module for snowboard (not included)

Specialized module with Marker Fastrack snowboard bindings (optional) for beginners to advanced snowboarders. Ideal for targeting even more muscle memory in snowboarding.

Elastic bands

The POWER XL simulator cart comes with 8 elastic bands that attach to the base. These bands should be adjusted according to your weight and desired level of resistance or intensity. They are easy to detach and just as easy to reinstall.

Power frame

The Power XL frame is designed for intermediate to advanced skiers and high performance athletes. Longer than the CLASSIC model, it includes 8 levels of settings for aerobic/anaerobic, bodypump and bodystep exercises. With a greater range of motion than the other models, it simulates carving, Slalom and Giant slalom turns. Warning! Suitable only for persons 1.8 m (5’9″) and taller, up to a maximum weight of 150 kg (330 lbs).


The handrest provides a firm grip during training and helps to maintain balance. You can modify this support by adding a bottle and towel holder and/or a phone holder for longer training sessions. More experienced athletes can choose to let go of the handstand during training.

Edge ski stopper

The ski stopper prevents violent shocks at the end of a turn. The impact protection absorbs shocks and ensures a more pleasant training experience.

Weight and dimensions after assembly



  • 143 kg (88 lb)


  • Length 192 cm/74.8 in;
  • Width 130 cm/50.7 in;
  • Height 110 cm/43 in.
Weight 143 kg
Dimensions 192 × 130 × 110 cm
Ski boot module not included. Must be ordered separately.
  • Power XL frame with rails and extended design for greater range of motion
  • Ramp for beginners
  • Mobile cart for running shoes only
  • Marker Fastrak III bindings for specialized ski boot modules (optional)
  • 8 elastic bands adjustable to desired intensity level
  • Shock absorbers

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